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Today I decided it was high time I updated my website. It's been a while, many things have changed (including me), and I'm in the process of getting rid of things that no longer serve me in order to allow new things to come in to my life....yay.....I'm quite excited at the prospect and have even started an early Spring clean in the house. Kitchen drawers to begin with....bit small I hear you say...well it's good to start small so they say (whoever THEY are ;o) I was inspired by Denise Linn, the lady who coined the term SPACE CLEARING, after watching her free video series via Hay House/Youtube. She talked of how she saved her friend's life by telling him to clean out a drawer!! I was impressed to say the least....It's all about energy and getting rid of the negativity that is held within STUFF and that includes dust and grime ;o(  Check her won't be disappointed :o)

I'm experiencing more and more synchronicity these days, and the Angels never cease to amaze me with their continued 'signs' as and when I ask for them (ASK AND IT IS GIVEN). Just today I was sharing with a friend how when I was young I always wanted to be a librarian......okay so some of you will think ...boring boring boring....but being the Highly Sensitive Person that I discovered myself to be about 5 years ago thanks to Dr Elaine Aron (there's even a test to take to confirm it!) along with being an empath, my friend made me aware that from such an early age after spending much of my childhood visiting libraries where there used to be COMPLETE silence, I subconsciously knew that it was a place of *sanctuary for me where I could be nourished.....oh and all those books tabout!! What more could one want.....Our home is practically like a library in itself now with all the self-help and spiritual books that I have on my shelves.

So back to the synchronicity tale......I watched an old episode of 'Father Brown' this evening which was all set around a mobile library!! Sadly the librarian ended up being a murderer....yikes..but that aside, it was rather a coincidence after my conversation earlier about libraries ;o) It could have been any episode that was on, but just happened to be one about a library! .....I've just realised that my husband is now watching an old episode of *SANCTUARY as I type this......hmmmm is there a message in there somewhere for me or is it all just coincidental? What I do know is that I am definitely in need of a place of sanctuary as are we all this day and age. Life is so hectic and stressful and time seems to be quickening up. 

I'm a biggie on seeing triple numbers everywhere and today was no exception.....I've had a pretty rough day housebound with vertigo, but I happened to check my phone and the clock read 222....ALL IS WELL is what that means for me, and so I accept that what happened for me today was meant to happen for whatever reason. It may become apparent it may not, but I have faith that the universe and the angels know better than I do what is best for me. Doreen Virtue has a book (yes I've got it :) that tells you what the numbers mean if you see them recurring a lot.

Well I'll sign off now, get myself a drink and a BOOK of course, and go find myself a sanctuary to relax in while I indulge myself. Thank you for listening and being gentle with me, and I hope I wasn't waffling too much. As I add to my blog more and more who knows what things may evolve; there may be inspiration for you, links to places of interest, but whatever the case I hope you leave this page taking something away with you......even if it is only my love. I wish you all a good night and may you always have an angel by your side ^i^


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