~ The Angels ~
If you chosen to have a reading and this is the first time you have heard from 'your angels' then do not be afraid, for they come to you with all the love in the world and wish only to help make your life a little easier

 The angels are there for you at all times - in your hour of need and also in your times of joy, when they love to see you laughing and smiling and being the authentic childlike self that you truly are

Ever since I discovered the angels and became aware that my guardian angel is ALWAYS by my side, my life has changed tremendously in a truly positive way

   By contacting me you have made that first step of inviting the angels into YOUR LIFE, and you may through your reading discover that they are indeed closer than you think

The angels watch over us each and every day and wish for us to be happy and at peace.  Because of the Universal Law Of Free Will and unless we invite in their help and guidance, they cannot intervene in our lives (the exception being if it is a life threatening situation and it is not our time to go), and so they are thrilled when the day arrives where we begin to communicate with them

You can begin to make your own connection with your angels by simply sitting quietly and starting a conversation with them either out loud or in your head

 Tell them you wish them to come closer and be a part of your life.  At first any 'guidance' they may whisper to you may feel like your own 'thoughts'.  Do not analyse or doubt what you think you have heard, just have faith that you are 'hearing' them for yourself

You may have sensed their guidance intuitively already but decided not to follow it through because you doubt your own intuition.  Perhaps now is the time to have more faith and be willing to trust what you are 'hearing' or 'sensing'

 The angels work only from the HIGHEST and BRIGHTEST LIGHT and so you cannot mistake their messages to you for they will be positive, loving, and for your highest good

Remember to look out for any signs that the angels are around and are trying to attract your attention.  This could be a white feather which is a very common calling sign from them, as is a penny, or any coin that you may find laying on the ground as you are walking outside

 You can also request a sign yourself (perhaps something that is very personal to you).  If you ask for it to be given/shown to you on three seperate occasions and this is what you receive, then you can be certain the angels are both listening and answering you

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you are never alone and that the angels are....... 

 'Only A Thought Away'