Below you will find out more details of what may be included in a reading
Firstly I work on an Angelic Link whereby I use Angel Oracle Cards to help me connect, from which I then offer to you their words of wisdom, love, and comfort.  

I offer a seperate service linked to the above (an ANGEL CHANNELLING) whereby I sit quietly by myself and link in to the angels in order to channel any guidance they may wish to convey to you. This information is then typed on an A4 document and given to you as a seperate item after your reading if you decide you would like this included


It is your birthright that you know the truth in any given situation.  See the bigger picture, and do not spend any more of your precious sweet time on pursuits that weigh you down.  Lighten your load by releasing all that no longer serves you.

Go forth in the knowledge that you are more than capable of dealing with whatever lies before you.  Uphold the faith you have and turn on that tiny spark of light within you.  Make it brighter, make it bigger.  Shine your light for everyone to see.  You have such beauty and wisdom to give to this world

Angel readings differ from those of psychic or mediumistic readings, because the energies are so much lighter and the vibration I work on is of the highest and the brightest.  The readings I offer are aimed more at empowering yourself by giving you the tools to live your life positively and with confidence, rather than predicting the future

During the reading I will ask the angels to give you healing if this is so required

You can ask for healing yourself and for others from your angels at any time, and just a simple 'help' is enough. The angels want us to live our lives in JOY and so are always happy to help whenever and wherever they can

I also work on a psychic link whereby I tune in to your AURA and basically read 'you'. The aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding your physical body that stores all your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. This can change daily depending on the thoughts you are thinking

I may use various 'tools' to help me with my psychic reading which may include holding an object belonging to you (psychometry, but only if you are present), ribbon reading, or a crystal ball

During a reading I do also work on a mediumistic (Spirit) link, which means I may connect to the Spirit World via my guides and angels.  Because mediumship readings are classed as an experiment I cannot guarantee that a link will be made with Spirit, nor request that a particular person comes through either

Spirit are in charge, and I am just the medium who they work through in order to pass on their comfort and love, but mostly to provide survival evidence that life goes on and we cannot 'die'.  I do not need 'tools' for this kind of reading

To summarise, my readings may overlap whereby I start off reading psychically (using a sixth sense/my intuition), Spirit may then come in and wish to convey their message, but the angels are always with me enabling me to offer you their wisdom, love, and comfort too

All information offered will be delivered with love and compassion 

I hope that you would be happy to receive all the information I have to offer you, however if this is not the case please do not hesitate to tell me beforehand

The readings I offer can be done with the 'sitter' present (and are conducted in Barnsley, South Yorkshire) or at a distance

In the second instance I would ask for your full name, address, date of birth (purely so that I can be certain I am linking in to the correct person), and if possible a current photograph (which would be returned with your reading). All information is strictly confidential and I would never pass your details on to anyone else. Your completed reading would then be posted to you via Royal Mail

I feel I have at last found my life purpose, and now feel tremendously honoured that Spirit want to use me as a vessel through which they can pass on their messages of love, support, and guidance to those here on the earth plane

I would be honoured to read for you therefore if you wish to purchase a reading, please would you first read the disclaimer on the page headed DISCLAIMER


'Only A Thought Away'