~ Difference between a psychic and a medium ~

A psychic will 'read' the person (sometimes called the sitter) in front of them. By tuning in to someone's aura (this is the energy field around them), a psychic can pick up certain information. This is because our thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, and fears are all recorded within this field, and since our thoughts can change daily this is one of the reason's readings can be quite different if received only a few weeks or even days apart (Thus one of the reason's it is stated that we 'create our own reality')

A psychic may use various 'tools' to establish a psychic link with the sitter using for example, psychometry or Angel Oracle Cards. Psychometry is where the reader will hold an object belonging to the sitter ie. a ring, which will contain their energy. Once again information is stored within that object and this is where the reader can gain insight from

A psychic will not necessarily predict, but instead will offer the sitter another perspective on their life's events, which may help them to see the 'bigger picture' in the long run. It could be that the sitter has a 'eureka' moment, specially if light has been thrown on a particular situation they may be struggling with

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A medium will make a connection to the Spirit World in order to provide evidence of survival of the Spirit beyond the Earth Plane. No tools are required to be able to communicate with a Spirit mind, other than the ability to raise one's vibration/energy to a higher frequency

A medium will attempt to bring the sitter evidence of a loved one either by describing them, their mannerisms, or their character, or by offering dates of anniversaries or perhaps how they passed, or maybe something similar

A medium does NOT give predictions; unless a loved one who is now in the Spirit World could predict the future when they were on the Earth Plane, then there is no reason why they would be able to now do this from across the veil

All attempts at Spirit communication can be classed as experimental, as no guarantee can be given that a Spirit link will be established





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